Hi, I’m Jen!

I believe that feeling well should be our collective norm, not the exception. And I’ve learned firsthand that it is possible to put your health first – even when we lead the craziest of lives.

That’s why I specialize in helping burned-out women move away from the endless cycle of exhaustion and improve their health, balance and overall well-being.

Because when we prioritize taking radically good care of our bodies, we get better at everything.

1:1 Coaching

The Burnout Rescue Kit

Burnout Rescue Kit a step-by-step strategy and self-study program designed to empower busy ladies to integrate micro-moments of wellness into their full schedules. The results? More energy, less stress, and no more guesswork!

9 Tips to Help You Get Promoted at Work

Are you itching to take on a bigger role within your company? Want that pay raise? Have you been passed over for previous promotions? After over a decade of working in Corporate Recruitment for Fortune 500 companies, I’ve pulled together…
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Why I Don’t Meal Prep

I will be real frank here. I cringe when I hear the words meal prep. To be honest, the word alone sounds like another chore that frankly I don’t want to do. Who wants to spend hours in the kitchen…

How to Find and Land Remote Work Opportunities

When you’re tired of the corporate grind, and wasting precious hours commuting, it’s time to start searching for remote work opportunities. This is the most practical solution to improve your quality of life and work-life balance. This is not some…

Easy Mini Vegan Cheesecakes

Do you know what’s hard to find? Clean dessert options. Unless you make your own, which is exactly what I did last weekend with these very simple, 7-ingredient mini vegan cheesecakes. They are free of gluten, dairy, soy, and egg….