A Must-Try Gluten-Free Thai Chicken Soup Recipe

I’ve been craving Thai food for about 6 months now but I’ve been too lazy to find an allergen-friendly recipe and hunt down all of the necessary ingredients. This past weekend I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone and finally make some Thai! I was so sick of all the food in my rotation and wanted new flavors. Plus, it was 17 degrees and too cold to do anything. Why not cook some Thai soup?

I stumbled upon this Gluten-Free Thai Chicken Soup recipe that seemed to use simple, clean ingredients. Additionally, I was craving noodles so I added gluten-free brown rice Thai noodles to this dish. They were the perfect addition.

Whole Foods had all of the necessary ingredients requiring only one stop. Also, I double checked all of the packaged ingredients for potential allergens. I find that Whole Foods offers the largest selection of clean food products.

I cooked the noodles separately from the soup. When everything was done, I put a scoop of noodles in a bowl and then added the soup on top and sprinkled with the garnish recommended in the recipe.

It was everything I hoped for. The flavors from the coconut broth and red curry satisfied all of my Thai cravings. It was easy to track down the ingredients and didn’t take me too long to prepare (about an hour). I will definitely be revisiting this one!

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