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She Takes Five

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I’m Jen, a wellness focused career coach, Fortune 500 recruitment director, and Founder of She Takes Five — an online platform helping women to prioritize their health and well-being. Our blog covers everything from self-care and work-life balance tips, to alternative health, vacation guides, easy clean eating, and much more. We like to keep things simple but high-impact around here. 

Through our work-life balance Interview Series, I explore how women across different industries are managing their career while supporting their health in-between. There are lots of nuggets of wisdom and resources in each of those features!

My Story

In my mid-twenties, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and other related ailments while simultaneously working in an exhausting, toxic work environment. It was hard to keep up with the grueling hours, travel, and endless workload while managing often debilitating symptoms.

With no quick fix, I knew I needed to overhaul my fast-paced NYC life in order to heal. The “work hard, play harder” approach was no longer sustainable and left me in poor health and on a unfulfilling path. Thankfully with the help of integrative medicine doctors, self-education, career, and lifestyle changes I was able to regain my health and create balance. 


My mission is to help women to build a health-centered life while achieving their goals and aspirations. I believe joy and success happen when we feel our best selves. As a working mother, I know how challenging that can feel at times. Through STF, I’m constantly sharing high-quality, practical ways to seamlessly infuse healthy and restorative habits into each and every day. You can always count on me to provide you with the latest resources, and inspiration whenever you need to take five. 

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Professional Bio

Jen De Simone Swiss is the Founder of She Takes Five, a wellness lifestyle blog and coaching platform helping women to achieve balance. After overcoming Lyme disease, and corporate burnout, she has made it her mission to build a health-centered, fulfilling life. In her free time, you can find her spending time with family, reading, or experimenting in the kitchen.