Is it possible to feel well, maintain a thriving career, and still have time left over to chill out?

The short answer is YES

Hi, I’m Jen – the Founder and Editor of, a wellness lifestyle blog focused on work-life balance. Here I provide resources and insights from my own explorations to help modern women improve their balance, health, and lives.

I always dreamt of living in New York City. And after college, I was lucky to call Manhattan home. But the unhealthy habits I’d picked up in college like staying up late, eating crappy food, and partying in between didn’t come to an end when I graduated.

I was working hard and playing harder.

Without realizing it, my new normal became:

  • Eating takeout for almost every meal
  • “Grabbing drinks” on the regular
  • Functioning on little to no sleep
  • Spending multiple nights a week in bars with friends or for work

The kicker? I thought running in Central Park in my free time would somehow erase all my poor decision making. That’s what happens when we glorify being on the go.

Then, in my mid-twenties, my world came crashing down when I was hit with Lyme disease and other ailments.

I was too ill to continue living this way. I was forced to figure out how to navigate my health while balancing a demanding job recruiting talent for a global company. If I was ever going to get better, I knew I needed to start with changing my way of life.

Between doctor’s appointments and detoxing everything (from food to cosmetics), I finally traded in my late nights for sleep. I read every book on nutrition, holistic health, and integrative medicine I could get my hands on. Whole Foods became my best friend.

And through the support of doctors, self-education, and lifestyle changes I was thankfully able to slowly regain my health over the course of 4 years. This was no easy task – and I’m grateful to have had the ability to do so.

Eventually, my career began to take over my life and my health started to suffer. I was constantly feeling stressed, burned-out, and anxious. After all the work it took to recover from chronic illness, I didn’t want to jeopardize my health again.

So, I started making notes of all the things that were affecting my well-being and step-by-step, I made concrete changes to create more balance, including:

  • Changing jobs again (with the help of a coach)
  • Learning how to create more boundaries in the workplace
  • Reconnecting with friends after isolating myself through illness
  • Carving out time for my hobbies and interests – like writing!
  • Going to Whole Foods on days and times that were less crazy
  • Incorporating exercise and movement that didn’t feel like a chore

Now, my health is at the center of every decision I make – from the food I eat to the places I work. I continue to explore high-quality, low maintenance ways to support my health and well-being. I love writing about my latest wellness discoveries here and coaching others on how to improve their quality of life.

I’ve learned it’s possible to strike a balance, even in a New York minute!

Professional Bio

Jen De Simone Swiss is the Founder and Editor of, a wellness lifestyle site focused on work-life balance. After burning out majorly from juggling a chronic illness and demanding jobs, she made it her mission to heal, and build a health-centered, fulfilling life. She works full-time as a corporate recruiter in the media industry. In her free time, you can find her writing, reading, taking walks in nature, or experimenting in the kitchen.