Bulletproof Butter Coffee Part II

Last week I experimented with Bulletproof Butter Coffee. I swapped out my morning smoothie for Bulletproof coffee blended with grass-fed ghee and Brain Octane Oil.

By day two of consuming the Bulletproof breakfast, I noticed my stomach was flatter and I unintentionally lost a pound. However, the caffeine was already becoming too much for me and I felt jittery and anxious most of day two. The side effects where enough to deter me from having another cup.

I wanted to continue on the Bulletproof diet to support my hormones and gut health but without the jolt of caffeine. Luckily, they make a decaf coffee! This week I’ve been drinking decaffeinated Bulletproof coffee blended with grass-fed ghee and Brain Octane Oil.

I am happy to report that my body was able to handle the decaf coffee just fine. No more jitters.

What I found surprising was the healing reaction that I experienced after a few days of incorporating the Bulletproof coffee regimen. As someone who slowly recovered from years of chronic illness, I can spot a healing reaction fairly quickly. Whenever you incorporate new natural health regimens, your body can expel toxins faster than it can clear them out. This can make you feel as if you are getting worse when your body is just trying to take out the trash.

When I started the Bulletproof regimen, I felt very achy and tired. I made sure to listen to my body by getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water.

Let’s be clear, you should always consult a physician if you are experiencing adverse reactions to anything just to be safe. If you want to learn more about healing reactions read this post: How to Spot a Healing Reaction.

Back to the topic! Once this healing reaction passed (roughly 3-4 days), I noticed that for the first time since my early twenties, I was not tired by the end of the week. Usually, by Thursday night I am too tired to do anything. This past Thursday was the first in years where I had more energy than I knew what to do with.

We went out to dinner followed by a concert and I still had the energy to keep going. I went to bed at midnight and work up at 6:30 am with no problem.

I’m excited to continue my Bulletproof journey. While I’ve come a long way with my health, I still struggle with a very sensitive gut and low cholesterol. Grass-fed ghee can support both of these issues. It will be interesting to see if the Bulletproof regimen will accelerate my healing and continue to give me more energy. I will be watching very closely and of course, share my results.

Regardless of the health benefits, the butter coffee makes for a delicious morning ritual.

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