Chicken Mushroom Wraps With Roasted Chickpeas

Sometimes I find it challenging to come up with new, delicious meal ideas. Luckily, last weekend while visiting my family in New Jersey I had an amazing dish at a local restaurant called, Harvest. I’m calling them Chicken Mushroom Wraps because I can’t remember the actual name. It was one of their daily specials so not part of their regular menu.

As I was eating this delicious dish, I realized this is something I could easily make at home. Full disclosure, I haven’t tried to recreate it just yet but it’s on my list.

While it might look complicated (or even unappetizing) from my weird photo (not a great food photographer), it was only a few simple ingredients and I promise they were really good:

  • collard greens
  • a variety of sauteed mushrooms
  • purple cabbage
  • crispy roasted chickpeas
  • roasted chicken (or skip the meat if you want them to be vegan/vegetarian)
  • salsa verde

I loved how there was a decent serving of vegetables in every bite without feeling like you were just eating vegetables. They were bursting with flavor and texture.

Part of maintaining a well-balanced life is finding simple, healthy recipes that I truly love. For me, food is life. I need to enjoy what I am eating and a basic salad just doesn’t cut it sometimes. It makes me super happy when I come across cool new dishes like these. I love getting inspiration from everywhere I go.

If you’re in a food rut, try recreating these Chicken Mushroom Wraps. They were very filling and delicious. Perfect for lunch or dinner.

And if you ever find yourself in Farmingdale, NJ – check out Harvest.

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