Do You Listen to Your Body’s Signs?

Our body constantly warns us. It sends us signs when we are heading down the wrong path. What if you took the time to listen to what it had to say? Decipher the warning signs. Listening to my body helped me heal from chronic illness and achieve a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

The Signs

There are physical, mental and environmental signs that our body sends us every day.

Physical signs can include the acid reflux one experiences from drinking too much coffee or needing a 2-hour nap from overdoing it at the gym.

It can be the mental exhaustion you feel from never giving yourself downtime. Or the unease you feel from spending time with someone who constantly brings you down.

Signs can also be environmental like the headaches you get from sleeping in a musty room.

Listen to the Signs

Your body is telling you something with each of these symptoms.

Before I became chronically ill, there were so many signs I ignored or tried to cover up. My stomach was often in pain but I continued to pop antacids without trying to understand why my body was reacting this way. My skin would break out every time I ate dairy but I continued to eat cheese and use harsh chemicals on my skin to deal with the breakouts. I allowed negative people in my life to stick around and affect my wellbeing.

I continued on this path because I wasn’t ready to change my ways.

Then I became ill and I could no longer ignore the signs. Lyme disease was not a result of ignoring the signs but I can’t help but wonder how my body would have reacted if I was in better health to start.

My illness was somewhat of a blessing in disguise because it forced me to listen to my body. My desire to heal required listening to every message my body was trying to tell me both during and after treatment.

I started to support every physical, mental and environmental symptom that I could. Cooking clean food, resting as much as my body required, journaling through the pain and surrounding myself with people who lifted me up.

There were more dramatic changes like strict diets and supplement regimens, leaving jobs that were no longer serving me and moving apartments to be closer to work and Whole Foods. No stone was left unturned.

Begin to Heal

Listen to the signs and find ways to support yourself. That’s when the real healing happens. Learn what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad. Get to know your body on a deep level and use this information to fuel your health moving forward. Find the right doctors to help you resolve your health problems.

Sometimes these changes are hard or can feel uncomfortable but once you move past the discomfort you can feel the difference.

Are there signs you’re ignoring? Think about the first sign that popped into your head as you were reading this. What small changes can you make to support your health and wellbeing?

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  1. Love this and all the examples of what not listening looks like — thanks for the reminder to PAY ATTENTION and RESPECT the body if we want to feel good.