Holiday Gift Guide for the Wellness Obsessed 2018

Consider your holiday gifts covered for the clean eating, green juice drinking, soul-cyclers in your life. I’ve put together a holiday gift guide to assist in finding the perfect gifts for the wellness obsessed. From the newbies just starting off on a health journey to the advanced gurus looking for some next level stuff. Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas.

1. Medical Medium Liver Rescue

The Medical Medium, Anthony William, released a new book just in time for the holidays! Anthony William is the one behind the celery juice craze in case you aren’t familiar. His new book, Liver Rescue is the perfect gift for the wellness nerd who loves to read anything and everything that exists on using food as medicine. I’ve been a huge fan of all his books and just digging into this one now!

3. Premium Healing Crystals Gift Set

The Premium Healing Crystals Gift Set can be used for balancing chakras or even as decor! Aren’t they pretty to look at? This box includes clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, raw rose quartz, and more! Build your own sacred space at home with these carefully selected crystals and gems.

3. Airestech Electromagnetic Radiation Protectors

Ever wonder how your cell phone might be damaging your health while you sleep next to it at night? Airstech created discreet, portable electromagnetic radiation and broadband frequency protectors to stick to your phones, electronics and to carry in your wallet. These patent approved, award-winning products DO NOT cause signal interference. I’m currently using the phone sticker and carry one in my wallet (see image below).

Interested in testing this out? Airstech is offering you 10% off when you use the code: “jeansandgreens”. Click here to shop!

holiday gift guide for the wellness obsessed 2018
Infinity Wallet Defender

4. Tata’s Daily Essentials Kit

Tata Harper’s Daily Essentials Kit is the perfect gift for the clean beauty obsessed. It can be used as a travel kit or for any Tata Harper first timers. I personally use this 7-step regimen for traveling. The products are airplane friendly and I can have my luxury skincare on-the-go!

5. Silk Sleep Mask

You can’t have good health without solid sleep. For travelers, serial nappers and city slickers who don’t have black-out shades, this sleep mask is for you. Also, makes for a great stocking stuffer.

6. Infrared Sauna Gift Card

Infrared sauna’s are my favorite way to support my health and well-being. They detox your body at the cellular level and are incredibly relaxing. I’ve been going for years. DTX is my favorite place to go in Manhattan. You get a private room with a shower. I’ve also used Groupon to find local spas/deals when I’m traveling.

Or you can put one in your home. 🙂

7. Toxin-free Non-Stick Pans

Know people who love to cook? Check out these toxin-free non-stick cookware options by Green Pan. I love making buckwheat banana pancakes in mine.

8. Caring Crate

Caring Crate is a subscription box that provides curated health and wellness items for those dealing with a chronic illness. I haven’t used this subscription before but thought it was such a cute idea. A little something extra for those going through a difficult time.

9. TOMS Slippers

Give the gift of comfort this holiday season with a pair of cozy TOMS slippers. These make it to my list every year. They come in different colors and styles.

10. Zella Crop Top (kale-ing-it)

This cropped Zella work-out top has to be one of my favorite purchases from the last few months. How cute is this? Oh and it’s incredibly comfortable. I would wear this top every day if it was socially acceptable. Great gift for your fitness friends or those who prefer athleisure wear to regular clothes .

11. Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones

It drives me nuts when I’m in the middle of a workout routine and have to stop to figure out what to do with my phone. Hello, I’m trying to get abs here! Enter: Bose wireless headphones designed for working out. I don’t have these but need them in my life.


12. Headspace Meditation Subscription

This meditation subscription app is great for those wellness friends who meditate regularly or also for those who need a little help cultivating their practice.

13. Omega Juicer

Last but not least, an Omega Juicer. It’s quiet, easy to store and doesn’t take too long to clean up. Give the gift of nourishment with this kitchen essential.


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