How I Squeeze in Meditation

Meditation always feels like an impossible task. Where will I find the time? I learned how to squeeze in meditation during the most chaotic time in my life.

On my personal quest to regain my health a few years back, my life was anything but easy. I was juggling a full-time job and a chronic illness. My days were filled with my corporate 9-5, doctors’ appointments in the evenings, holistic treatments, food prep, and sleep. It was exhausting and even more so because I didn’t feel well. 

During this stressful time, I tried to meditate to keep myself sane but I didn’t always have the time to do so. Instead, I learned how to meditate wherever I could. This included doctor’s office waiting rooms, IV treatments, and last but not least, my commute to and from work on the New York City subway. The least relaxing and glamorous place on earth. 

In order to make this work and feel the benefits, I downloaded a few guided meditations. I found these under the Podcast section of my iPhone, or through Headspace. These helped me tune out the noise wherever I was. If it was the subway, I tried to snag a seat so I wasn’t interrupted by others needing me to move. A quick tip: be sure to choose a guided meditation that’s less than your commute so you don’t miss your stop. 

The result?

I actually looked forward to my morning commute or my IV drips because I turned these otherwise uneventful tasks into a few minutes to relax.

The point here, is you don’t need a meditation pillow, sage and crystals to meditate and reap the benefits. You can squeeze in meditation whenever you have a few minutes to spare. From your morning commute to your 15 minutes in-between meetings. All these free moments are fair game to reduce stress and refuel.

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