How to Create an Epic Summer Salad

Salads get a bad reputation for being boring. Those sad side salads you get in restaurants often are. Today we are going to kick it up a notch by learning how to create an epic, crowd-pleasing summer salad. Here is your opportunity to get as creative as you want. I’m a believer in the more salad toppings, the better.

1. Pick your greens

You can choose one main event or mix your greens together. I’m a fan of romaine and arugula. Chop romaine well to avoid pieces being too difficult to eat.

2. Add lots of colorful vegetables and fruit

Make sure you have a variety of vegetables. I like to balance the vegetables with a little sweetness from seasonal fruit. Figs and mangoes are my favorite.

3. Add texture

Add nuts, seeds, beans, avocado or all of the above! My favorite is roasting chickpeas and using them as croutons.

4. Top with your favorite protein

This is optional. If my salad is my entree and not my side dish, I will add 4-6 ounces of protein. Choose high-quality protein like wild caught fish or grass-fed meat whenever possible.

5. Season well

Add quality sea salt and pepper. Most conventional table salts are stripped of their trace minerals when processed and then mixed with additives to prevent from caking. No thanks! Redmond’s sea salt is a staple in my kitchen.

6. Add dressing

Mix equal parts vinegar (balsamic, champagne or red wine work well) and olive oil with a whisk. Then add to your salad. The measurements may vary depending on the size of your salad.

Mix together and voila! Your summer salad is complete. Clean, easy and nutritous. No need for Hidden Valley Ranch to enjoy your greens.

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