Korean Sheet Mask: My 4 Day Results

Korean beauty regimens are taking center stage right now. A friend included Peach & Lily Korean sheet masks in her bachelorette weekend gift bags. I tried them out and I’m here to share my results.

I haven’t used a sheet mask before, mainly because I haven’t found one that uses clean ingredients. Peach and Lily’s Good Skin Day, Drench + Nourish mask is free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, dye, alcohol, sulfates, mineral oil, and formaldehyde. Clean enough for me to test.

To truly indulge, find a quiet place to apply your mask to your cleansed face and sit for 20 minutes. Warning, you will look like Michael Meyers from Halloween when the mask is on your face. Avoid scaring your loved ones.

When you’re done, discard the mask and seal in the remaining ingredients by applying a moisturizer.

Now for the results. My skin evolved over 4 days post mask:

Day 1: Super Glowy

The day I applied the mask my skin was super glowy. Sealing in the extra lingering essence with my moisturizer helped to keep the mask working all day long.

Day 2: Glowy + Slight Blemishes

By day 2, the mask brought any blemishes I had to the surface. They were minor but visible. My skin continued to glow and my fine lines were less visible.

Day 3: Super Soft Skin + Minimal Blemishes

By day 3, the blemishes were barely noticeable and my skin continued to feel super soft.

Day 4: Clear + Soft Skin

By day 4, my skin was less dewy but clear and still continued to feel soft and hydrated.

Overall, I had positive results from the masks and will continue to use them. They would be great to use a few hours before a big night out to give yourself an extra glow. Always test products out in advance to see how you react.

Have you used sheet masks before? Comment below with your favorites.

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