Hi, I’m Jen!

I believe that feeling well should be our collective norm, not the exception. And I’ve learned firsthand that it is possible to put your health first – even when we lead the craziest of lives.

That’s why I specialize in helping burned-out women move away from the endless cycle of exhaustion and improve their health, balance and overall well-being.

Because when we prioritize taking radically good care of our bodies, we get better at everything.

1:1 Coaching

The Burnout Rescue Kit

Burnout Rescue Kit a step-by-step strategy and self-study program designed to empower busy ladies to integrate micro-moments of wellness into their full schedules. The results? More energy, less stress, and no more guesswork!

Why I Don’t Meal Prep

I will be real frank here. I cringe when I hear the words meal prep. To be honest, the word alone sounds like another chore that frankly I don’t want to do. Who wants to spend hours in the kitchen…
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5 High-Performance Clean Face Serums (Under $200)

Clean serums are having a moment and I’m not mad about it. I’ve tested out a few in the last 2 years. These 5 face serums are high-performance, delivering real results, and all under $200. They are face and wallet-friendly….

How I Squeeze in Meditation

Meditation always feels like an impossible task. Where will I find the time? I learned how to squeeze in meditation during the most chaotic time in my life. On my personal quest to regain my health a few years back,…

6 Must-Have Kitchen Items For Busy People

Cooking your own nutritious meals takes precious time and effort. I find it helpful to invest in a few key kitchen items to make life a little easier. These essentials help me get through my busiest weeks. If you have…