Quick and Easy Ab Workouts

Hey all. Today I’m sharing a few quick and easy ab workout videos. I’m using these exact videos to help find my abs again. I know they are in there somewhere. I want to generally tone my whole body but my abs definitely need the most work. All you need is a mat to do some of the exercises.

I’ve been working hard to get back into a workout routine. It’s been a few years since I’ve worked out regularly and I’ve been putting off exercising for a while. Why? Honestly, I was scared to start from zero. Everyone tries to get me to go to classes with them but those fancy exercise classes like SoulCycle or Barrys Bootcamp are intimidating and currently beyond my level. Maybe one day but not right now. I would prefer to ease into my routine so I don’t give up.

While I’m a long ways away from where I would like to be, I’ve been showing up each week and making small progress. If you’re in the same boat and want to gently start working out from the comfort of your home or local gym. Maybe you want to change up your regular routine. Or maybe you just don’t want to spend $30 a workout class. Here are a few free ab resources with videos to get you started.

Quick Ab Workouts

5 Minute Flat Abs Workout

6 Minute Standing Ab Workout

7 Abs Exercises You Can Do Every Day For a Stronger Core

My body is not 25 years old anymore and I’m noticing it takes a little more effort to spring into shape. The good news is the workouts are getting easier and I now know how to do exercises beyond basic crunches and planks. Having more interesting and challenging exercises makes it a little more fun. I’m always down for a new challenge so ab challenge accepted.

P.S. I find exercising outdoors to be way more motivating. 😉

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