Siete Grain-Free Tortilla Products

It used to be insanely difficult to find allergen friendly pre-packaged foods. It’s exciting to see so many new products suitable for those with restrictive diets. I’m especially excited about Siete’s grain-free tortillas and tortilla chips.

While I’m not grain-free, I am gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, corn-free and soy-free. To put it simply, I am free of a lot of things. These products check all of those boxes and then some.

Why I love Siete

Eating clean means sometimes having to substitute key ingredients for healthier options. Lettuce wraps instead of bread, ghee instead of butter, etc. I also turn to spices to recreate my favorite dishes.

I absolutely LOVE Mexican food but in order to make those dishes autoimmune friendly, I have to ditch the corn-based tortilla products.

Enter: Siete Tortilla products. My deconstructed tacos, seasoned with my own spices satisfy the craving, but are missing the texture of a shell.

Siete products allow me to recreate my favorite Mexican dishes by swapping out the inflammatory tortilla shells for autoimmune friendly ones.

Siete’s products are gluten-free, vegan, soy free, dairy-free, grain-free, paleo-friendly and non-GMO. How is that possible? What the heck is in their products?

Siete Tortilla’s

Siete has three different soft tortilla options: Cassava and Coconut, Almond, and Cassava and Chia. They use an assortment of gluten-free flours such as almond, coconut, tapioca and cassava flour.

Cassava is a root crop and a major ingredient in most of their products.

Even without the grains or corn, the tortillas still manage to have an authentic taste. They are not quite as sturdy as a corn-based tortilla but I’ll take healthy over sturdy any day.

Their tortillas require refrigeration and can be frozen for later use.

Siete Tortilla Chips

We can’t forget about Siete’s Tortilla Chips!

They should come with a warning label because it’s really hard to put the bag down once you start eating them.

They come in three flavors: sea salt, lime, and nacho. I’ve yet to try the nacho but can vouch for the sea salt and lime.

Where to purchase

You can find Siete products at Whole Foods, Vitacost or on the Siete website.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to load up on only pre-packaged foods even if they are clean. Gluten-free does not translate into healthy. However, I think it’s great that brands like Siete are creating healthier options, making it easier for those with restrictive diets to enjoy their favorite foods without the worry.

Have you tried Siete products before? Comment below and tell me what you think.

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  1. We bought the tortilla chips at Costco and loved them. They have not had them the last two or three trips. Very disappointing!