Healthy Travel Guide: Lake Placid

It’s that time of the year when we realize summer has gone way too fast and we need to cram in as much fun in the sun as possible. It’s difficult to plan a Hamptons trip this late in the game (without breaking the bank) so we opted for a weekend escape to Lake Placid located in New York’s Adirondacks.

Lake Placid is a popular ski destination in the winter. In the summertime it is a wonderful place to decompress and experience the great outdoors. The decompression starts at the tail end of the road trip from the city where you drive through miles and miles of greenery. Once in town, there are breathtaking views from Mirror Lake.

There are a few hotel options in the area as well as vacation rentals. I spent the weekend at the Crowne Plaza as it had views of Mirror Lake and was walking distance to town. My room also had a fireplace which sealed the deal.

On Saturday morning, we hiked Cobble Hill. There are many hiking options in Lake Placid. Cobble Hill was one of the less intense options. There are two routes to hike up this hill: one route geared towards beginners and the other being steeper. The steeper route according to a sign “may require some scrambling.” This was my first real hike ever so I opted for the easier route without the scrambling.  It still got my blood pumping so I will consider it a workout.

Muddy sneakers from hike up Cobble Hill

The hike was about 2 miles in total. I hiked this in regular sneakers but I would suggest wearing a pair that you don’t mind ruining. Mine were pretty muddy after this adventure. Even though this wasn’t the highest peak to climb, the views were still amazing at the top.

If hiking isn’t for you, there are water sport options such as canoeing or paddling boarding on the lakes. Also, you can opt for walking around town, checking out the cabin-like homes and breathing in fresh air. Something for everyone!

The summer temperatures in Lake Placid can range from morning to night. I definitely overpacked. Since we were driving and had the space, I felt like it was okay to bring a few extra pieces. Shorts and tee-shirts are fine during the day.  The temperatures dropped to the low 50’s at night but I was comfortable in jeans and a light sweater or jacket. I brought 1 pair of sandals and 1 pair of sneakers. It’s a very casual town of outdoorsy people so no need to dress up.

The restaurant options are not the healthiest despite the super fit town. There is a health food store called Green Goddess Natural Market which is a 5 minute drive outside of town. Green Goddess had a small selection of packaged health foods, wraps, sandwiches, juices and kombucha on tap.  I made a pitstop here and picked up raw chocolate, dried mangoes, hummus and Applegate Farms Turkey. Also, tried their blueberry kombucha which was delicious. I came back for seconds.

Overall, Lake Placid was an amazing weekend getaway. I fell in love with the active lifestyle and woodsy charm. I loved it so much I googled vacation homes on the ride back to the city. It is a bit of a “hike” to get out there from NYC (4-5 hour drive) but the scenery made it worth it. This trip was the perfect combination of activity and relaxation. I hope to be back again some day.

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