1:1 Coaching

Want to make real lifestyle changes – but have no idea where to start? Ever wish someone would tell you exactly what to do to support your body and well-being?

You’ve already tried tons of diets and supplements, you’re not sure if you should leave your job, you have no energy for a social life, you hate the way you feel in your body…

The list goes on –– and I get it!

You’re tired of feeling sick and tired. And I’m here to help you get to the other side.

When we work together 1:1, you’ll receive tailored guidance to improve things like diet, stress levels, and overall work-life balance. Together, we’ll dive deep to uncover blocks preventing you from making the necessary changes to have the life you want. Here you’ll be supported to make powerful shifts into a balanced life.

The Results?

  • Gain clarity on what needs to change
  • Feel good about having a sustainable plan of action that works for you (heck, yes!)
  • Accountability and encouragement to push you to the finish line
  • Less stress, more energy and an improved quality of life
  • A life-long roadmap for supporting your health, balance and well-being!

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Initial Consultation: 1-Hour ($150)

Here we will do a deep dive into your stressors, health goals, priorities and understand the blocks and obstacles in your way. Here we will set attainable goals to support your unique needs.
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Follow ups: 30-Minutes ($100)

Follow up appointments to check in, revise plans and provide continued support and accountability throughout your wellness journey.
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15 Minute Discovery Call (FREE)

Book this call if you want to learn more about Jen, her coaching style and if this is right for you.
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5-Week Starter Package $450 ($100 savings)

This 5-Week Starter Package is for those who are ready to commit to making positive lifestyle shifts and moving towards the life they want. This commitment will provide you with the tools, roadmap and encouragement to support a successful transition into a healthier, more balanced life.
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