1:1 Coaching


Dread your alarm Monday through Friday?

Think that next promotion is magically going to make you happier?

Wish you could fall asleep without work stress crowding your brain?

Tired of feeling tired?

I get it. 

We live in a world where busyness and workaholism are glorified. But there is more to life than running yourself into the ground each day for the sake of your career. 

And the truth is, it’s unproductive and not sustainable. 

It’s time for a new approach – a lifestyle that allows you to have a thriving career and enjoy life.

Hi. I’m Jen. I’ve learned balance is possible when you make it a priority.

If you are ready to have your life back, you’ve come to the right place. I coach women 1:1 to move away from burnout and into a more balanced and fulfilled life. Together we will uncover the blocks and obstacles standing in your way and reconnecting to what brings you joy.

Life is too short to waste every second of it working. You deserve more. 

Ready to feel good again?

The Results?

  • Improved energy, happiness, and well-being
  • Strategically created boundaries
  • Less work-induced stress and anxiety
  • A sustainable plan of action that works for you
  • Accountability and encouragement to make real change
  • Improved quality of life

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Initial Consultation: 1-Hour

Here we will do a deep dive into your stressors, goals, priorities and understand the blocks and obstacles in your way. Here we will set an attainable course of action to support your unique needs.
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Follow ups: 30-Minutes

Follow up appointments to check in, revise plans and provide continued support and accountability throughout your wellness journey.
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15 Minute Discovery Call (FREE)

Book this call if you want to learn more about Jen, her coaching style and if this is right for you. No obligations what so ever.
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5-Week Starter Package

This discounted 5-Week Starter Package is for those who are ready to commit to making positive lifestyle shifts and moving towards the life they want. This upfront commitment will provide you with the tools, roadmap and encouragement to support a successful transition into a healthier, more balanced life.
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